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Public Bus Schedule Monteverde Costa Rica

Public Bus Schedule of Costa Rica Monteverde Route

Public Bus Schedule: How to get to and from Monteverde

The Bus Company for Monteverde to San Jose is Transmonteverde S.A.  Click here for more info... times and routes

Warning! The Monteverde bus can take up to 5-6 hours on uncomfortable seats. The buses are NOT air conditioned and often full. There has been a number of thefts at the bus stations in San Jose. The public buses cannot pick up or drop off directly at the airport. 

If you do no want to go on the public bus and cannot afford private transport, there is an alternative way by shared shuttle transports these range from $45-52 per person. For more details of routes and prices click here

For the San Jose to Monteverde shared shuttle route: these run twice a day and are hotel to hotel (but not all hotels near the airport). They pick up from most downtown hotel but only some airport hotels, however they do pick up from Denny's restaurant (2 minutes from the airport, opposite the Holiday Inn Express, all the taxis know it). The shuttles can drop off right at the airport on your return journey). BOOK YOUR SHUTTLE NOW! 

Monteverde Public Bus

Timetable for the Monteverde Public Bus

Monteverde Public Bus. Timetable for buses that go to Monteverde Costa Rica. Public bus schedule.

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