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Saddle-up! Join the Costa Rican Cowboys!

Horseback Riding Costa Rica......What could be more perfect that enjoying the beautiful back country areas of Monteverde by horseback. Well away from the tourists areas, this is your chance to quietly visit the Monteverde countryside.   

There are a variety of horse riding options in Monteverde, for beginners and more experienced riders. We can also organise horse rides in Arenal Volcano and other beautiful parts of Costa Rica. Want to learn about the various horse parades (topes) and horse games? Click here

Horse Trek Monteverde (owners Marvin Anchia and Janet Ellis) have a great reputation in Monteverde for their love and care of their well trained horses. You can also go to their site on www.horsetrekmonteverde.com

Horseback riding tours vary from 2.5 to 6 hours. Horse Trek Monteverde Costa Rica also offers an 8 Day horse riding vacation! A unique way of seeing the countryside, whilst enjoying the area's famous attractions.


The Horses of Horse Trek Monteverde

Horse Trek Monteverde offers a number of horseback tours in the zone. The horse rides are suitable for any level of experience from short to long rides. A short ride of 2.5 hours is available as well as one day tours such as the All Day Cowboy Ride. Plus a 2 day Horseback Riding Package which includes a local ride in Monteverde, an overnight stay followed by a ride to Arenal Volcano (using another company).

Horseback Riding Vacations and Horse Riding Holidays in Costa Rica:

3 day Horseback Riding Package 'Costa Rica Discovery Tour' (Monteverde and Arenal Volcano). Explore the beautiful areas on Monteverde; stay two nights in a local lodge and the next day ride to Arenal Volcano. Beach extensions can be arranged.

8 day Costa Rica Horseback Riding Vacation ' Trails of the Campesinos' >Visit the beautiful areas on Monteverde and Arenal Volcano and parts of Guanacaste and follow the trails of the Campesinos. See rains forests, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and volcanoes plus lots of wildlife. This tour has got it all! Beach extensions can be arranged for that long dreamt for gallop on the beach.

Excellent horses has given Horse Trek a wonderful reputation for quality horseback riding in Costa Rica. Safety and horse care is a priority!Helmets are provided for all riders.

Horse Care

Many people are skeptical about riding horses in Costa Rica due in part to negative press on the subject, not all of it unfounded. The reason to be weary is that some people only see short-term profit and to them a horse is just a means to make money.This practice by some has given a bad reputation to the horse industry of Costa Rica. Now that you have been forewarned this does not mean you should not go for a tour on your vacation!

There are many responsible horseback tour operators in Monteverde, Arenal and Costa Rica. Some of the ways you can decide if a company iscaring properly for it's horses as well as its customers is to ask a lot of questions such as below!


  • Are the horses regularly wormed and given tick medicine?
  • Is there any method of rotating the horses so they are not overworked?
  • How is the condition of the tack and are the horses shoed?
  • Are you offered horses to your level of experience - does anyone even ask?

In the last few years many companies have improved the condition of the horses and quality of their tours.

The horses used by Horse Trek Monteverde are mainlya mix of Quarter Horse /Paso Fino/Criollo- breeds we find very suitable to the trails of this area. They are a good size and solidly built.

The saddles used in Costa Rica are an adaptation of a western variety. There are lighter than normal western. There is often a good size pommel.

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from $55 Per Person
Mountain and Farm View Horseback Ride

Mountain and Farm View Horseback Ride

Horseback Riding Costa Rica Horse Trek Monteverde

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica with Horse Trek Monteverde. Enjoy a 2.5 hour Mountain and Farm View ride fun for all levels. Private tours available.

from $70 Per Person
Campesino Trails & Gulf Views Horseback Costa Rica

Campesino Trails & Gulf Views Horseback Costa Rica

Horse Trek Monteverde 3 Hour Horseback Riding Tour

3 hour horseback ride in the mountains of Monteverde, away from the main tourist areas and cars. Costa Rica horseback riding is a lot of fun!

from $100 Per Person
Costa Rica Horseback Riding All Day Cowboy Ride

Costa Rica Horseback Riding All Day Cowboy Ride

All Day Cowboy Ride Monteverde Costa Rica

Costa Rica Horse Tours. All Day Cowboy Ride with Horse Trek Monteverde. Great adventure on horseback, stunning views, well-loved horses in Monteverde.

from $320 Per Person
2 Day Horseback Ride Monteverde Costa Rica

2 Day Horseback Ride Monteverde Costa Rica

2 Day Horseback Riding Package in Monteverde

2 Day Horseback Ride in Costa Rica. Have fun discovering Monteverde by horseback. Ride through beautiful countryside on excellent horses.

from $95 Per Person
Horseback Riding Monteverde to Arenal & vice versa

Horseback Riding Monteverde to Arenal & vice versa

Horseback Ride, Boat and Van: Monteverde to Arenal

Horseback Ride from Monteverde Costa Rica to Arenal Volcano. Safe trails, good horses, plus boat ride and land transport. Good for adventurous beginners,


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