Monteverde Public Bus

Timetable for the Monteverde Public Bus

Note: below is all the information we have about public transport. Please do not send inquiries or live chats as we do not have answers. You can write directly to  www.transmonteverde.com   Please contact us for private transport and shared shuttles.only.

Monteverde Public Bus

Transmonteverde S.A. is the main service provider for buses. Their route is from Monteverde to San Jose and vice versa.  The so-called direct bus leaves from a new bus station in San Jose called Terminal 7-10.  It is a large new terminal with 3 levels of shops. To purchase your bus tickets go to level two as that is where they sell them from. To give you an idea of price, in Nov 2015 the ticket was 2790.00 Colones per person (roughly $6 US). Note the station is not in the safest area in San Jose so be very careful with your belongings- do not leave them for a minute!  Note that although this is a direct bus, it does stop to allow people on in other parts and there is a bathroom/food stop.  Journey time  4 - 5 hours.

In Monteverde you can catch the San Jose bus and the other buses at the The Monteverde Bus terminal which is located at the 'mini-mall' called the  Santa Elena Commercial Center.

The telephone number for Transmonteverde S.A. is 2645-7447  www.transmonteverde.com


Timetable for the Monteverde Public Buses:

Monteverde to San Jose. Every day. 6.30am and 2.30pm.  Approx 5 hours.  
Reverse way: San Jose to Monteverde. Every day at 6.30am and 2.30pm. Approx 3 hours.

Monteverde to Puntarenas. Every day  6:00am.  Approx 3.5 hours. 
Reverse way: Puntarenas to Monteverde.  Every day at 2.15pm. Approx. 3.5 hours.

Monteverde  to Tilaran. Every day at 7.00am. Approx 3 hours.  
Reverse way:  Tilaran to Monteverde. Every day at approx. 12.30pm

Monteverde  to Las Juntas. Every day at 4.30pm. Approx.  2 hours. 
Reverse way:  Las Juntas to Monteverde. Every day at 2.30pm. Approx  2 hours

There is an alternative way to travel if private transport is not in your budget. We can arrange shared shuttle transports from $49-54 per person. These run twice a day and are hotel to hotel in most locations (although not from the airport hotels - see below).

For the San Jose-Monteverde route the shuttles pick up from most downtown hotel but only some airport hotels, however they do pick up from Denny's restaurant (2 minutes from the airport, opposite the Holiday Inn Express, all the taxis know it). The shuttles can drop off right at the airport on your return journey) Click here to book your shuttle!.

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