Shared Shuttle Transport San Jose to Monteverde

Costa Rica Shared Transport San Jose-Monteverde

Shared Shuttle San Jose Transport to Monteverde (and vice versa). Reliable, safe, and comfortable shared transportation. Shared shuttle transport in Costa Rica is a good alternative if you cannot afford private transport and do not want to go on the hot and sometimes unsafe public buses.

This is a door-to-door service from your hotel in downtown San Jose. The shuttle also passes the airport and some shuttles can pick up and drop off directly at the airport itself. Not all hotels near the airport are in the pick-up zone but you can meet at Denny’s Restaurant.  Denny's is very easy to get to, just a two-minute taxi ride from the airport, opposite the Holiday Inn Express (all the taxis know it). 

The journey time is approx four hours. There is a stop along the way to get a snack, stretch your legs and use the service facilities.

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San Jose to Monteverde

Mornings:  Aprox 7.00am from downtown San Jose and about 8.15am near San Jose airport area 

Afternoon: Approx 2.15pm from downtown San Jose and about 3.00pm near San Jose airport area 

**note exact times may change by a few minutes depending on hotel location. 

Luggage is restricted to one main bag and one small bag. If you have a surf board or extra luggage there may be an extra charge so please contact us. 

Monteverde to San Jose

Morning Monteverde: Approx. 8.00am from Monteverde 

Afternoon MonteverdeApprox. 1.00pm from Monteverde 
**note exact times may change by a few minutes depending on hotel location

Other Shuttle Routes

In the booking section you can also find routes from Arenal to San Jose and Vice Versa, We can also book other journeys (eg to Tamarindo, Manual Antonio), please ask and we will give you a booking link.

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  • Pick up from limited Airport hotels but can pick up from Denny's Restaurant which is 2 mins from the airport

  • Shuttles pick up from Downtown San Jose first, then travel about an hour or so to near the airport

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