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Transportation Arenal Costa Rica

Transport Advice and Booking Service for Arenal and other parts of Costa Rica

Transportation Arenal Costa Rica.   There are various transport options in Costa Rica: how you travel place by place often depends on time, cost and convenience. We can arrange any private and shared shuttle transport to most parts of the country.

The most comfortable, convenient and fastest way to travel by road is by private transportation. We can arrange micobuses (vans) and coasters to safely tranfer you to most destinations in Costa Rica.  Our drivers use comfortable microbuses which have A/C and seat belts. Some have WIFi! Vehicles are fully insured and drivers always carry cell phones. The prices are usually based on 1-6 people (Coasters up to 22 passengers), with operating hours between 6.00am-7.00pm. Outside of these hours there is a small extra charge. Private transports can be arranged from airports in Costa Rica: our drivers wait for you at the main exits of the airport and have a sign with your name on it.  Need to book a private or shuttle transport?   Contact us...

Shared Shuttles (often called collective transports) are a great alternative to rental cars and public buses and a cheaper option than private transfers. We can arrange shuttle services to many destinations in Costa Rica, which run once or twice daily and are hotel-to-hotel.  The shuttles are comfortable, modern micro-buses with a/c and seat belts. The drivers are equipped with cell phones and are fully insured. The shuttles usually take up to 8 people. Shuttles in general cannot pick up from the airports but they do pick-up from certain hotels very near the airport.  BOOK A SHUTTLE NOW! CLICK HERE

This is a special service from Monteverde to Arenal (or vice versa). The journey is approximately 3 - 3.5 hours,  hotel-to-hotel from most hotels in the Monteverde and Arenal zones. 

Probably the most fun .....turn a travel  day into an adventure day! Tthis can also be done with mountain bikes .Click here for more details.


Throughout Costa Rica there is an extensive public bus system. The problem is that most of the routes are privately rather than collectively or govenrment owned, so getting hold of a schedule is often difficult and finding updated ones is often a time consuming and frustrating job. The buses are often hot, late, cancelled, crowded and extremely slow. But they are very cheap - there is no doubt about that and if you are a traveler with a lot of time on your hands this is the way to go!


Coming from San Jose or Guanacaste - Costa Rica? Look at our NEW Rafting Adventure Connections and other tours which will save you time and money! See below for other Adventure Connections (to other exciting places in Costa Rica)  Click here for more details

Adventure Connection

from $85 Per Person
Horseback Riding Monteverde to Arenal (by Land, Horse and Boat)

Horseback Riding Monteverde to Arenal (by Land, Horse and Boat)

Horseback, Land and Boat.Adventure Connection Monteverde to Arenal Volcano by Horseback

Horseback Ride from Monteverde to Arenal Volcano. Turn a transport day into an adventure! Safe trails and good horses. Horseback riding in Costa Rica

Transportation Costa Rica

The best ways to get around Costa Rica to suit you!

Transportation Costa Rica- Routes and Prices. Info & Reservations for Private Transfers & Shuttles for Monteverde, Arenal and all over Costa Rica.

Domestic Flights in Costa Rica

Domestic Airlines of Costa Rica Flight Information Costa Rica

Domestic Flights in Costa Rica. Information about flights within Costa Rica. Save time by flying to your destinations.

Public Bus Schedule Monteverde Costa Rica

Public Bus Schedule of Costa Rica Monteverde Route

Public Bus Schedule in Costa Rica. Monteverde Transport routes to and from Monteverde and Santa Elena

Transport and Travel Information

Transport to Monteverde.Travel Options and Road Conditions

Transport to Monteverde, how to get by driving, shuttles, private transport and taxi-boat-taxi. Road conditions and maps.

Costa Rica Car Rental

To Rent or Not To Rent? Tips and Information about Car Rental in Costa Rica

Car Rental Costa Rica. Do you need a rental car in Monteverde? Tips, road conditions, safety and other advice about driving in Costa Rica

Adventure Connections Costa Rica

Tours & Transport Packages Adventure Connections Costa Rica

Coming from San Jose or Guanacaste and other places in Costa Rica? Look at our NEW Adventure Connections which will save you time and money!

from $29 Per Person
Taxi Boat Taxi Transfer from Arenal to Monteverde

Taxi Boat Taxi Transfer from Arenal to Monteverde

Transport by Taxi Boat Taxi from Arenal Volcano to Monteverde

Taxi Boat Taxi Service (or sometimes called jeep-boat-jeep)  is a very scenic one-way transfer between Monteverde and Arenal Volcano Costa Rica or vice versa

How to get to Arenal Volcano

How to get to Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna, Costa Rica

How to get to Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna. Transportation around the Arenal Costa Rica area. Arenal map, driving directions. Arenal shuttles reservations.

from $54 Per Person
Costa Rica Shuttle Transport San Jose to Arenal and Vice Versa

Costa Rica Shuttle Transport San Jose to Arenal and Vice Versa

Shared Shuttle Transportation San Jose to Arenal Volcano

Costa Rica Private Transport San Jose to Arenal and Vice Versa. Comfortable, Safe and Modern Private Transport, Hotel to Hotel or from the Airport.

Monteverde Map Costa Rica

Download your Free Costa Rica Maps

Free printable Costa Rica maps with major routes, towns and local hotels. Including Monteverde Map, Arenal Map, Samara Beach Map and All Costa Rica Map

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