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Highlights and Recommended Things to Do in Monteverde Costa Rica

A question asked by many a visitor to Monteverde Costa Rica is … what to do in Monteverde Costa Rica? And indeed the choice of tours and activities (see full list) in Monteverde can be overwhelming with over 6 canopy tours, over 100 hotels, various types of transport and many versions of similar tours - it can get confusing! And why ask us?  Because we can help! We are actually here in Monteverde, and have been here for all our lives or for many years. We can offer unique expert advice and discounts unlike many companies whose staff may have never visited Monteverde in their lives!

Things To Do In Costa Rica

Most people only have 2-3 days in Monteverde, so below are some suggested itineraries to make things easier, you do not want to waste your precious time in Monteverde choosing! We have tried all these tours and can highly recommend them.   So to help you decide, we have narrowed down some of the most popular tours or ones worth doing, here is a brief summary (following this is a list of suggested itineraries).

  1. Hiking of some sort is usually enjoyed by all. Go to the Monteverde Reserve, Santa Elena Reserve or Curi Cancha Park with a nature guide and learn why Monteverde gained its popularity in the first place.
  2. Try and exciting Canopy Tour (go to Selvatura Park if you want excellent Cloud Forest views, long cables, want to try the tarzan swing and hanging bridge;  go to Extremo if you want pure adrenaline and want to try the canopy tours along with a swing, superman cable and bungee jump;  try the Skytrek if you want to reach the ziplines by cable car.
  3. Have some time to spend after these two activities? Horseback Riding is great for all the family-  lovely horses and views with Horse Trek Monteverde. Not interested in horses? Both Don Juan Coffee Chocolate Tour and the Trapiche Tour (to learn about sugar making, coffee and other agriculture products) are worth a visit.
  4. Want to learn about Monteverde in a more relaxed way? Take a tour of the Monteverde Cheese factory.

Note that on Day 1 you will arrival from other areas. It usually takes between 3-5 hours from other places to get to Monteverde, so on average visitors usually arrive around 12.30pm). Most afternoon tours start at about 1.00pm- 2.00pm


Suggested Itineraries

Day 1 
morning - arrival
afternoon –  Don Juan Coffee Chocolate tourEl Trapiche Tour (sugar production, coffee and general agriculture) Sunset Horse Ride or Night Hike with El Bosque

Day 2

Am Hike in one of the beautiful reserves. The reserves are what made Monteverde area famous. Guided tours are recommended as even if you do not see animals, they make the forest come alive with their extensive knowledge.
Pm  Canopy Tour and/or Hanging Bridges


Day 1 
Am – arrival in Monteverde
Pm  Bungee Jump with Extremo!

Day 2
  Selvatura Canopy with tarzan swing
Pm Horseback Riding with Horse Trek Monteverde

Suggestion 3 (hiking, hiking and more hiking)

Day 1 arrival in Monteverde
Pm  El Tapiche Tour

Day  2
 Monteverde Reserve Hike with a guide
Pm Night Hike with El Bosque

Day 3
Guided Hike on Selvatura Hanging Bridges and Guided Butterfly Tour

Day 2
Am  arrival in Monteverde
Pm  Afternoon hike in Curi Cancha Refuge

Day 2
 Guided Hike to San Luis Waterfall

Day 1
 arrival in Monteverde
Pm Cheese Factory Tour

Day 2
 Hike in Monteverde Reserve + Hummingbirds
Pm El Trapiche Tour or Don Juan Coffee Chocolate Tour

Day 3
Selvatura Hanging Bridges, Butterfly Tour, Insects

Day 1
 arrival in Monteverde
Pm Sunset Horse Ride with Horse Trek Monteverde

Day 2
All Day Cowboy Ride Horse Trek Monteverde

Day 3
San Luis Waterfall Horse Ride

So what can we do for you?

Help you decide on the best tours, hotels and transportThere are so many hotels to choose from – we can help you find one that suits you (write to us for personal attention and no pressure to book anything). We can also book transport to and from Monteverde and can suggest restaurants (between us have tried them all!), where to do banking and anything else you might need on your visit. Remember we are right here in Santa Elena to offer advice, maps and information and intriguing ideas of what to do in Costa Rica!

We can help you design your perfect visit to Monteverde to suit your needs! Write to us. info@monteverdetours.com

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