Curi-Cancha Refuge Monteverde Costa Rica

Curi-Cancha Cloud Forest in Monteverde Costa Rica

Curi-Cancha is a private forest refuge in the Cloud Forests of Monteverde. It is a great alternative park to the main Monteverde Cloud Reserve, which is often overcrowded. Trails are peaceful and great for birding! There are fantastic views from the´Mirador´, looking across the continental divide and several trails of varying distances. There are also areas of banana plants and pasture, as well as places where they have hung hummingbird feeders. 

From late February to July, there is no better place to view the famous, colorful,  Quetzal birds! The best way to find Quetzals in Monteverde is to go with a tour guide, they know the best place to spot them or where their nests are, guides also communicate with one another to share information about where the Quetzals are likely to be spotted on a certain day. Note though, that these parks are not zoos, and animal and bird sightings cannot be guaranteed.

Curi-Cancha Park has the advantage of far fewer visitors than the main Monteverde Cloud Forest Parks. It has a lovely location with several beautiful viewpoints. The park shares similar ecosystems as the main parks and has a mixture of primary and secondary forests.

We can arrange semi-private guided tours with transport and entrance fees. The guides are very knowledgeable about the fauna and flora in the area. and will do their best to spot as much as possible, wildlife is often very cleverly hidden to the untrained eye! 

Semi-private tours are a minimum of two people and a maximum of six people but usually no more than four people are on the tour.

The new maze at Curi Cancha is a lot of fun and worth a visit,


All visitors must carry a copy of their passport (can be a screenshot on phone).




What to Bring?

  • Comfortable hiking shoes

  • Rain jacket

  • Camera

  • Binoculars


  • Experienced Bilingual Nature Guide

  • Round Trip Shared Transport

  • Entrance Fee


  • 7.30am

  • 1:30pm


  • 3 hours plus transport time

Please take in consideration before booking

  • For tours tomorrow please chat with us

  • Children prices 5-12 years

  • Please let us know ages of children

  • All customers need to bring a copy of their passport (a copy on the phone is acceptable) and sign a waiver at the entrance

  • Semi-private tours are min 2 people and max 6 people

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