Villas Eco Arenal

Villas Eco Arenal, La Fortuna, Arenal Costa Rica

Hotel Villas Eco Arenal (formerly called Villas Sanchal) is operated by a helpful and friendly couple. The Villas are located approximately one kilometer's walk from the center of the town of La Fortuna. Villas Eco Arenal is a tranquil place to relax, swim, or play in the sun. All this with a perfect, although distant, view of Arenal Volcano.

Hotel Villas Eco Arenal is ideal for families interested in a budget option not only because of the larger units but also because of the amenities for outdoor activities including a full sized basketball court, soccer field, grass volleyball court and a swimming pool.

  The 24 handsome wooden cabins range in size from the smaller two person cabin with double beds, refrigerator, private bath (hot water), air-conditioning, phones and cable television, to the larger family sized cabins that could comfortably sleep up to six to eight people. The larger cabins have full kitchens with a double burner, sink, refrigerator and all basic cooking utensils.

Standard rooms have: 2 double beds or 1 double with 1 single bed and volcano view

Small Villas have: 2 bedrooms: 2 Double beds and 1 Single bed and volcano view. (1- 5 people)

Medium Villas have: 2 bedrooms 2 with 1 Double beds and 5 Single beds and volcano view (1-7 people)

Large Villas have: 3 bedrooms with 3 double beds, 2 single and volcano view. (1- 8 people)

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