Upper Range Hotels and Resorts in the Arenal Area

Arenal Volcano Hotels Upper Range and Resorts

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Upper Range

Arenal Volcano Inn

Arenal Volcano Inn Arenal Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano Inn Costa Rica is an Arenal Hotel with an excellent reputation for customer service and comfort! Volcano Views, Pool, Spa and Restaurant

Upper Range

Hotel Lavas Tacotal

Hotel Lavas Tacotal Arenal Costa Rica

Hotel Lavas Tacotal offers uninterrupted views of the famous Arenal Volcano. Located a short drive away from the small town of La Fortuna and many hot springs

Upper Range

Casa Luna Lodge Arenal Costa Rica

Casa Luna Lodge Arenal Costa Rica

Casa Luna Hotel, a modern colonial style hotel surrounded by lush gardens. Located near La Fortuna waterfall with great volcano views.

Upper Range

Hotel Montaña de Fuego

Hotel Montaña de Fuego | Arenal Hotel Lodging in Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Montaña de Fuego is a luxury Arenal Hotel, located in a vast forest. Great panoramic views of Arenal Volcano. Resort with pools, spa and restaurant.

Upper Range

Hotel Lomas del Volcan

Hotel Lomas del Volcan Arenal Costa Rica

Hotel Lomas del Volcan has great views of the green side of Arenal Volcano. Quiet, comfortable Arenal hotel with pretty cabins, pool and restaurant.

Upper Range

Hotel Arenal Country Inn

Hotel Arenal Country Inn Arenal Costa Rica

Hotel Arenal Country Inn has spacious gardens and a beautiful pool area with a view of Arenal Volcano. Less than a mile to the village of La Fortuna

Upper Range

Magic Mountain Hotel

Magic Mountain Hotel Arenal Costa Rica

Magic Mountain hotel in Arenal is located near the village of La Fortuna making it a convenient location near to shops, restaurants and tour companies.