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Hotel Campo Verde Arenal

Hotel Campo Verde Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Hotel Campo Verde Arenal Costa Rica. Rooms with great Volcano views! Affordable accommodation located between La Fortuna and Arenal Hot Springs.


Hotel Central Loft

Hotel Central Loft La Fortuna Arenal Costa Rica

Central Loft, a centrally located, economy hotel in La Fortuna, near to all the tours and attractions of Arenal Volcano. Costa Rica.


Hotel Arenal Lodge

Hotel Arenal Lodge Costa Rica

Hotel Arenal Lodge is a cozy lodge located on a 2000-acre property, surrounded by lush gardens and rainforest. Great Arenal Volcano and Lake views.


Arenal Paraiso Hotel

Arenal Paraiso Hotel Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Arenal Paraiso. Popular resort in Costa Rica with great views of Arenal Volcano. Hotel with its own hot springs, spa, trails, bars and restaurants


Hotel Miradas Arenal

Hotel Miradas Arenal Costa Rica

Hotel Arenal Miradas - friendly cabins in Arenal Costa Rica. Quiet, Volcano views, a/c and pool. Located between La Fortuna and Arenal Hot Springs


Hotel Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge and Wildlife Refuge Costa Rica

Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge. Small family run Costa Rica Eco Lodge set in the rainforest with its own trails. 5 minute drive to La Fortuna