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Horseback Ride Arenal Volcano to Monteverde Adventure Connection


Horseback Ride, Boat and Land Transport Arenal to Monteverde

Horseback riding Arenal Volcano to Monteverde . This is a great way to travel between the two places and offers some of the best views of Arenal Volcano and the Lake, as well as lush mountains and typical farms. Going by horse gives you the opportunity of changing a travel day into an adventure - horseback riding Costa Rica at its best! This is an Adventure Connection, using horses, land and boat!

Desafio Advenutre Company uses a great company that operates a route that we call the 'Lake Trail'. This is along the south shore of Arenal Lake and does not involve riding up or down the steep mountain to Monteverde. There are other trails such as the Castillo or Rio Chiquito Trail; you might read about them in your guidebooks, which are often unsafe and unfair on the horses when the weather is bad.

With advance notice it is also possible for us to make arrangements to chauffeur** your car around the lake while you ride by horse. However, you must have permission from your rental car company and you need to check whether you will be charged to add an additional driver. 

The trip breaks down as follows: 

15 minute or so car ride from your hotel to Arenal Lake

15 minute boat ride across Arenal Lake

3 Hours horseback riding including break around part of Arenal Lake as shown on the map above

1.5 hours land transport from Rio Chiquito to your Monteverde Hotel.

-- your luggage safely goes by boat and land --

Along the Lake Trail there are many tropical birds, views of Arenal Volcano and scenic jungle. This horseback ride is suitable for riders of any experience level and the trail is along a little used back road. Horseback riding Costa Rica tends to be at a slower pace due to the nature of the terrain.

**For the price of additional $65 we are able to provide a driver for your rental car so you can take advantage of this spectacular trip.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are a few hotels which are located outside the Monteverde and La Fortuna / Arenal areas that are outside our range of included pick up and drop off points. We are happy to provide transportation to these locations for an additional charge at a competitive price. These hotels include but are not limited to the Arenal Observatory Lodge.

Make this part of your package vacations in Costa Rica!

Once you are in Monteverde and want to do more riding, we offer wonderful rides with Horse Trek Monteverde


What to Bring?

  • camera

  • sunscreen

  • and a big smile!


  • all guides

  • gear (tack, ponchos, etc)

  • land transportation from door to door.

  • boat ride on Arenal Lake

  • fruit and water break

  • luggage transfer


  • 7:00am


  • The Lake Trail tour takes approximately 5 ½ hours depending on the riders and the hotels where we will be picking up and dropping off.

Please take in consideration before booking

  • Not Recommended for Children Under 8.

  • For tours today or for tomorrow please chat with us

  • Min 2 people

  • Weight limit 200lbs.

Booking and Prices

Prices valid until 30-November-2017 See Prices After Valid Date




Horseback Ride Arenal Volcano to Monteverde




[ Contactenos por precios para Nacionales ]


Pick up time 7.00am from Arenal to Monteverde and 8.00am if from Monteverde to Arenal

Book Now Prices from $85

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