Weights and ages for tours in Costa Rica

Recommended ages and weights for tours


Rafting class 3-4:  ages 13-55; Max. Weight, 225lbs (and less than 58 inch waist)

Rafting class 2-3: ages 10-65; Max. Weight for rafting, 225lbs

Mountain Biking & Spelunking (caving): 10-65

Canyoneering, 13-55 Max. Weight for canyoneering, 225lbs (and less than a 42 inch waist)

Cerro Chato & Stand Up Paddling (in Samara): 13-55

Stand Up Paddling Arenal (in Arenal), Safari Float & nature walks: 6-66+ 

Horseback riding: 8-55. Max. weight for horseback riding is 200lbs (horses are small in Costa Rica)

Ziplining -  you have to be in reasonable fitness to hike between platforms and usually less than 39- 48inch waist depending on company

  1. Selvatura Canopy (Monteverde)  - there is a weight restriction of 220lbs but ok if a bit more if your waist is less than 43 inches.
  2. Skytrek Canopy (Monteverde and Arenal)  -  220 pounds (but can go up to 240 is person is very tall, not so much wide….with a maximum waist of 48 inches and maximum thigh of 30 inches).
  3. Extremo Canopy (Monteverde) – no real weight restrictions for the canopy. Waist size less than 47.5 inches.  For BUNGEE 115k (AND MIN WEIGHT 50K)
  4. Aventura Canopy – 240lbs and max waist size 39 inches
  5. Arenal Paraiso +  Arenal Vista Canopy tour: No weight limit as harnesses and equipment are certified for 2,000 pounds (900 kilos). But there is a waist restriction of 47.5 inches


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