Monteverde Volunteer Opportunities

Working as a Volunteer in Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde Friend’s School Costa Rica

Volunteers are needed to help students during class and sometimes for tutoring after class (for those who need extra help). Volunteers will get a chance to learn more about the Quaker mix within the Costa Rican education system and become part of the community while enjoying nature. A time commitment is required.

Volunteer work: Classroom assistants, guide students in reading or math practice, plan and teach specific lessons, assist students who need individualized attention, catalog and shelve books, facilitate “mini-courses” (weekly classes on crafts, skills, sports, or languages), helping with internet and other computer technology, manual labor, including gardening, building repair, or painting.

For more information see www.mfschool.org - Phone (506) 2645-5530

Monteverde Institute Costa Rica

The Monteverde Institute doesn't have a formal volunteer program though at different times during the year if there are people interested they may well be welcome. The different jobs available for volunteers include: helping in the library, trail maintenance, landscape and gardening in the area. There is a two week minimum commitment and it's recommended to have some knowledge of Spanish and to stay with a local family. All expenses will need to be paid by the volunteer, but the Monteverde Institute can help organize everything.

For more information see www.monteverde-institute.org/ - Phone (506) 2645-5053

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Costa Rica

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve accepts volunteers older than 21 years with insurance policies and a commitment to work a minimum period of time. Volunteers pay a small amount per day which includes lodging and food. Volunteers work most days a week. Trail maintenance is one of the main jobs volunteers undertake.

Phone (506) 2645-5122

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve Costa Rica

The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve invites volunteers of all ages and for the period of time, they want. The main chores are trail construction and maintenance, sign construction, interpretation, biological research, and teaching English. Ecolodge San Luis Ecolodge San Luis is a tropical farm between the Monteverde Cloud Forest and the Children's Rain Forest. This is a spot for scientists to gather information about the rainforest and share with one another what might eventually help save Earth. Reforestation is one of the main projects that is being done at the moment. Here volunteers are more than welcome to help as much as they can.

Phone (506) 2645-5693

Monteverde Butterfly Garden: Jardin de Mariposas Costa Rica

The Monteverde Butterfly Garden is an education center that focuses on the insects of the Monteverde area. Volunteers are expected to work as a guide from 8.30am to 4.00pm. There is a  minimum commitment.

  • experience or prior knowledge of insects is not needed; training will be given.
  • trained guides will do several tours a week.
  • Other duties include: watching the front desk, general care and maintenance of the facilities, working in gardens collecting eggs and caterpillars, helping care for the chickens and tilapia, and also tending to the vegetable gardens

What volunteers get:

  • accommodation and food. One of the last free volunteer gigs on the planet!
  • A chance to learn Spanish
  • Two months experience in Education and Outreach
  • Knowledge about neo-tropical insects and arachnids
  • Amazing birding/wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Meeting and getting to know Costa Ricans- the nicest people on the planet!

Phone (506) 2645-5512   Contact: Bryna Belisle  brynabelisle@gmail.com

Monteverde Creative Learning Center- The 'Creativo' (CEC) Costa Rica

The Monteverde Creative Learning Center appreciates the help of all people interested in becoming a volunteer at their school. This school's aim is to make the campus self-sustainable while protecting the environment and at the same time teaching students the value of the forest. To be a volunteer you must be 18 years or older and have the minimum of a high school degree. There is a wide variety of work to do but the volunteer program mainly involves outdoor labor such as planting trees or working along with students on their new bio-diesel project. Other projects will be working in the office, library, teaching mini-courses, gardening, or reforestation projects. For those who are interested in teaching a class, there is a minimum time commitment.

For more information see www.cloudforestschool.org - Phone (506) 2645-5161

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