Rustic Lodge Monteverde Costa Rica

Rustic Lodge Monteverde

Rustic Lodge is a 5 minute walk from the main town area of Santa Elena, making this small, 9-roomed hotel a good choice for those who need the services of town but want less of the noise.

The rooms at Rustic Lodge are spacious and simply appointed and all have large windows and queen size beds. There are also large private bathrooms with hot water, all of which are kept fastidiously clean by the hotel staff.

All rooms include a complementary breakfast which can be eaten in the small kitchen area or outside at one of the rough shaped wood tables.

Rustic Lodge has those small touches that make the hotel interesting such as unusual wooden fineshes, chairs, mirrors and tables.The Rustic Lodge is great value and perfect for travelers looking for comfortable, friendly accommodation near the center but not right in the middle of the town.

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