Original Canopy Tour Monteverde Costa Rica

Original Canopy Tour Monteverde Cloud Forest

The Original Canopy Tour Monteverde, as the name suggests, is the first company to introduce this very popular activity in Costa Rica.  This is often the canopy that people with children choose, or those a bit nervous,  as not quite as high or the cables as long, as some of the other ziplining tours in the area but it has beautiful views, is less crowded than most, and still a thrilling ride!  The tour has its own unique attractions, for example, to get to the first platform you have to climb up the center of a strangler fig tree. Plus this is the only canopy that is more tree-to-tree, rather than platform to platform without the long hikes in between each platform.

This exciting activity will still get your adrenaline pumping as you fly high above the forest floor in the Cloud Forests of Monteverde.  The views of the Gulf of Nicoya are amazing.

The Original Canopy has the highest safety standards which means you can be worry-free as you are helped into your harnesses, given instructions, and soar from tree to tree by sliding along ziplines. Of course, experienced, bilingual guides are there to help you the whole time and make the activity a complete blast! The tour consists of a series of platforms located among the tall trees of the cloud forest. There are 10 horizontal traverses (ziplines), 1 vertical descent (repel), and 1 “Tarzan Swing”. The cables are between 60m and 800m long.

The tour begins in the primary old-growth section of a cloud forest and leads to newer growth. You'll start high in the canopy with amazing views of the forest below. This is followed by a 150 ft rappel which takes you to the forest floor. You'll also get the unique experience of climbing up the inside of a strangler fig tree by a ladder system, this brings you back up to the tree tops and there is an optional Tarzan swing free-fall to bring you can back down. 


What to wear/bring

Please wear comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting a little dirty (note that shorts 'ride' up when you put your harness on so many clients prefer to use long pants).. Closed-toe shoes are recommended. It is always advisable to bring rain gear as you never know if it will rain in the cloud forest.  Bring a camera in a waterproof camera bag, small backpack or fanny pack (remember anything you bring must be carried by you throughout the entire tour in a way that leaves both hands free). Bring insect repellant or sun screen if you like (this must be applied just once, before your equipment is put on).

What to Bring?

  • See below in more detail what to bring


  • Transport included in hotels in and around Santa Elena, please check with us

  • Professional, bilingual guides

  • All equipment


  • 7:30am

  • 8:30am

  • 10:00am

  • 11:00am

  • 2:00pm


  • 2 - 2.5 hours plus transport time

Please take in consideration before booking

  • children price 5-11 years old

  • Students ages 12-21 with ID

  • The pick up from your hotel will be about 30 mins before the start time

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