Flower Sex in Monteverde Costa Rica

The Amazing Relationship between Hummingbirds and Orchids

Jewels of the Cloud Forest

Orchids produce some of the most spectacular flowers imaginable. Hummingbirds are little bundles of energy known for their dizzying flight patterns and exquisitely coloured plumage. So when these creatures come together in the mystical cloud forests of Costa Rica, a visual symphony ensues.

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Hummingbirds Monteverde Costa Rica


Of course these relationships become are all the more fascinating once you realize that they are all about flower sex. Orchids need to have their pollen distributed, and hummingbirds do the job unwittingly, while feasting on energy-rich nectar. This mutually beneficial relationship is responsible for the evolution of complex floral displays among orchids, and incredible adaptations for flying and eating in hummingbirds.

Happily for visitors to Monteverde, a journey into the cloud forest is an ideal opportunity to witness these flamboyant natural displays. The lush forests are home to the world’s greatest orchid biodiversity, with over 500 documented species and counting. Dozens of hummingbird species compete for opportunities to sip the nectar of this bountiful flora. Click here to read more about the resulting array of bird-plant interactions that truly represent a naturalist’s dream.

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