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Kids Activities in Monteverde Costa Rica. Fun things for children

Kids Activities. Traveling with children presents special challenges. It disrupts their routines and imposes new demands, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle! The trick is to plan ahead of time and look for the best options available for your kid’s age group at your destination. The tours described below are great for ages 5 and up, I recently took a 3 year old to the Bat Jungle and I couldn’t drag her away and my colleague’s 6 year old loves the horse riding and hiking. So it all depends on your child.

Top 7 Kids Activities In Monteverde

El Trapiche tour

El Trapiche tour is run by a local Costa Rican family and it’s full of elements that kids might enjoy! Even though the name means ‘the sugar mill process’ you also learn about coffee production and other crops they grow. Kids can ride on an ox-cart, learn about plants and make their own candy out of sugar cane! The tour starts with an easy walk through the forest,  and then you may be able to feed the fish, pick some coffee, and at the end the ox cart ride back to the main building to enjoy sugar cane juice and try a typical Costa Rican snack.  Read more... click here

The Bat Jungle

The Bat Jungle is designed to immerse visitors into the amazing world of bats. This guided tour is educational and entertaining. Kids will enjoy seeing these fascinating creatures fly, eat and socialize – up close! Read more... click here

The Ranario (The Frog Pond)

The Ranario (The Frog Pond) is a good tour for any age and can be done no matter what the weather is because it’s an indoor exhibition. Kids will love seeing all the amphibians including the colorful Red Eyed Tree Frog!  Go during the early evening (about 6.00pm) - the rooms are kept dark so the frogs are very active and kids can walk around with a flashlight tracking the frogs down one by one with a nature guide! You can return for free in the day to see more of the many frog species in Costa Rica. Read more... click here

Horseback Riding tours

Horseback Riding tours are great for children, they love horses! Horse Trek Monteverde has excellent horses that are well-cared for and the ride is with an experienced Costa Rican cowboy! You won’t want to miss this tour. Marvin the owner has special children saddles and helmets as well as kids ponchos if it rains. If there is time kids love to go back to the stable to meet Marvin’s famous high stepping Pas Fino called Gladiator. Read more... click here

Bajo Del Tigre

Bajo Del Tigre (Children's Eternal Rain Forest, a unique conservation project created and sponsored by children all over the world) has a little cabin full of great educational activities that are perfect for young children. The trails are not too long, just the perfect place to take your kids for a walk and learn about the forest, plus your entrance contribution gives kids a sense of helping out! There are many other hikes to do in the area and anyone can enjoy them. Just have fun with your kids while exploring the wonders of nature.

The Serpentario (snake house)

The Serpentario (snake house) is another indoor tour that is good for all ages. Kids will enjoy seeing over 40 species of snakes (venomous and non-venomous), frogs, toads, lizards and turtles! Enjoy this tour day or night. Read more... click here

The Selvatura Canopy Tour

The Selvatura Canopy Tour. The minimum age is 8 but parents can sign a waiver and children younger than this age can do the tour (they do NOT go on their own but with one of the Selvatura guides). If scared you can return from the Selvatura after the first cable and there is plenty of other activities at Selvatura (Hanging Bridges, Butterflies, Insects). Read more... click here

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