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Shared Shuttle Costa Rica Shuttle Transport

Shuttle Transportation Shared Transport Service in Monteverde and All Over Costa Rica

Costa Rica Shuttle transport is fast becoming the most popular way to travel around Costa Rica. We can arrange shared shuttles throughout Costa Rica! Check prices and book now by clicking here.

In Monteverde Costa Rica there are several shuttle transfer operators offering efficient transportation services with modern vans, a/c, seat belts and full insurance.  Daily collective routes are operated between most major tourist destinations in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica Shuttle services is door to door from most hotels. This is an easy way to get around without renting a car or relying on public transportation.  Reservations must be made beforehand and pre-paid.

This will give you most of routes available in Costa Rica. Or write to us for a quote and updated times. Note on the datebase it does not say there is a route from the main intenational San Jose airport, that is because shuttles are not allowed to stop at the airport (private transport only permitted). However, you can take a 3-minute taxi ride to the nearby Denny's Restaurant, opposite the Holiday Inn Express as there is a pick up point there Please ask for details.

Contact us with your itinerary and we can help organize your shared transport around Costa Rica. Alternatively, we can arrange private chauffeured transportation.  

We can also arrange taxi-boat-taxi services between Monteverde and Arenal Volcano.

Here are some examples (prices per person)


Getting To Monteverde

San Jose to Monteverde $52 - $54
8.00am and 2.30pm

Jacó - Monteverde $50 - $55

Liberia - Monteverde  $40 - 55
3.15pm and 3.30pm

Manuel Antonio and Quepos - Monteverde $50 - $60

Papagayo Area - Monteverde  $50 - $60
2.15pm and 2.45pm

Puntarenas - Monteverde  $40 - $50

Rincón De La Vieja - Monteverde  $80 - 90$

Sámara Area and Puerto Carrillo - Monteverde  $54 - $60
9.45am and 2.00pm

Tamarindo Area, Playa Grande and Hacienda Pinilla - Monteverde  $50 -54

Dominical - Monteverde  $70 - $90

NEW!!! Dreams Las Mareas to Monteverde $99  (also can pick up:
Hotel Ecoplaya
Casa del Viento
Hotel Bolaños
Blue Dream Resort

Riu Guanacaste / Riu Palace to Monteverde $50

Leaving Monteverde

Monteverde to Manuel Antonio and Quepos $50 (am) - $69 (pm)
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde to Tamarindo, Conchal and Flamingo $50
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde to Arenal (via taxi-boat-taxi) $25 - 29
8.00am and 2.00pm

NEW!!! Monteverde to Dreams Las Mareas**  $99  Also can drop-off: 
Hotel Ecoplaya
Casa del Viento
Hotel Bolaños
Blue Dream Resort

9.00am (times vary)

Monteverde - Liberia  $50-$69
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde - San Jose Airport and San Jose Downtown  $45-50
8.00am and 1.30pm

Monteverde - Sámara Area and Puerto Carrillo  $54
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde - Malpaís and Montezuma and Santa Teresa  $60-83
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde - Papagayo Area  $50-69
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde - Puntarenas  $40-55
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde - Jacó  $50-69
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde - Nósara Area  $60-83
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde -Dominical  $70 - 100
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde - Rincón De La Vieja $60-83
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde -Peñas Blancas (border of Nicaragua)  $70-100
8.00am and 2.00pm

Monteverde - Playa Potrero  $60

Monteverde - Playa Ocotal, Playa Hermosa (Guanacaste) and Playa del Coco  $50

Getting To Arenal

San Jose to Arenal $50
8.00am and 2.30pm

Monteverde to Arenal by taxi-boat-taxi $25
8.00am and 2.00pm

Leaving Arenal

Arenal to Manuel Antonio $50
8.00am and 2.20pm

Arenal to Tamarindo, Conchal and Flamingo $50 - $57
8.30am and 1.30pm

Arenal to Samara $50-60
8.00am and 1.30pm

Arenal to Monteverde by taxi-boat-taxi $25
8.30am and 2.30pm

from $85 Per Person
Horseback Riding Monteverde to Arenal (van/horse/boat)

Horseback Riding Monteverde to Arenal (van/horse/boat)

Horseback Ride: Monteverde to Arenal Volcano!

Horseback Ride from Monteverde to Arenal Volcano. Turn a transport day into an adventure! Safe trails and good horses. Horseback riding in Costa Rica

from $29 Per Person
Taxi-Boat-Taxi Monteverde to Arenal

Taxi-Boat-Taxi Monteverde to Arenal

Taxi-Boat-Taxi Monteverde to Arenal or Arenal to Monteverde

Taxi-boat-taxi.Sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery of Arenal Lake during this 3-4 hour shuttle service between Arenal and Monteverde Costa Rica.

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